Sunday, March 22, 2009

Xhausted and Going Solo

I am so tired of women, relationships and the drama they bring along..

Nothing bad happened.... but I've got a total headache and have been dealing with women issues all weekend. I'm officially Asexual... No women, no men and occassional sex.

Thats it.

If i happen to find love along the way then so be it, but I'm totally no longer dating anymore.
I just want to enjor myself and live my freaking life. If it was easy to cut everyone off that gets on my nerves, I would, but I know I would regret it later.

For now, I'm taking a chill pill on it all.

My new focus and love is me, and I plan to treat that love with all I can give it.

----- Here's a little something off the top of MY head, for all those people who are the stones in my kidney------

You build me up
You knock me down
I frown on the faces you make me face day to day looking at your face
Whether in my mind or right in front of me
Your a heartbreak
A simple ache
I try to relieve you by just being myself
ANd Im writen with a warrent for all the things I've felt
I'm tired of thinking about what you want
I simply dont give a shit, not a blasted fart
Fuck you, my sweet kidney stone, because I worry about your wants no more.

By Lil Ol' me......


P.S I had the most peaceful time w/Lady S

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