Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Natural Beauty

Natural women have always been the most attractive to me. Its common to
see women wearing perms, fake nails, weaves etc. It never moved me and
I'd always wonder how long they'd try to keep up the facade. It was
bound to become too much work or expensive.

Usually all natural females, especially Black women are givin a second
glance. People are usually surprised that they are so daring to not
conform. As a young woman, I noticed that the girls that didn't have
perms were mocked and made fun of. They were called nappy or ugly, even
by other women who obviously had the same situation going on Post

I hated it so much because out of sheer pressure, those that were mocked
would conform and get a perm or some other fake shit not needed.its so
sad, some of my friends couldn't even afford to get the latest fashions
but they would bend over backwards gathering money to buy another pair
of Jordans they didn't even need.

I have always been, and will always be, a Sketchers fan. I did get
teased about it, but not a lot, because I was proud and comfortable with
my sneaks.

I think women who go natural get extra cool points for not conforming.
They are brave because they are risking judgement and ridicule. They are
beautiful because they are confident about being themselves, and im
attracted to them cuz im simply a homo lol a natural-girl loving homo.

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