Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Today as I was walking with Lady S to Bryant Park, some woman who wasn't paying attention nearly bumped into me. I swivelled to get out the way but she ended up bumping my bag instead. She turned around like 30 seconds later and all I heard was
the N word.
Right in the middle of 42nd street, this crazy woman called me the N Word. My mind didnt even understand, and I had to ask Lady S if she really said what I thought she said. When Lady S confirmed, I turned around but she was already gone.
That was the first time in my life I was called that. I knew there was still racism but
I didnt think I'd ever encounter it so bluntly in the middle of New York on a beautiful sunny day. I knew that woman lost her damn mind, and I wasnt going to let her ruin my joyous mood.
Lady S and I had a relaxed time, and by the end of the day
she gave me a light peck near my neck.
If I was a blusher, I wouldve blushed really hard!
But she opened the gate way, and now I'm determined to @ least give her a kiss on the cheek. LoL, usually I'm so much worst, I feel like a shy school girl!
Ugggh! Whats wrong with me.
Maybe its because I'm trying to get comfortable and I'm slowly seeing if its okay to be myelf with her.
With the exceptin of that ignorant woman, my day is going

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