Monday, March 9, 2009

Bulimia Nervosa

SoO.. I think I may have a small bit of a problem.

This weekend, I stuffed my face so hard I got s tomach ache and yet I
couldn't stop eating. J had to literall wrestle the half bowl of cereal
from my hands as I begged to sip the milk. Anyone who knows me knows
that my stomach can be filled quite quickly with just three tspns of
rice. I ate more than any man I've known. My stomach hurt and I felt
nauseous. Even now, I only ate a waffle and my stomach feels really

Then on the weekdays, I try my best to keep the calories down and even
exercise a bit. I guess to even out my weekend binges. I've concluded
that I might be suffering from bulimia nervosa.. And no I do not throw
up. But I do crash diet and then binge. I've been told I do both on an
unhealthy level, that's the only reason I say bulimia nervosa and not
"treating myself on the weekends"

Im on my way to work right now.. I really don't want to go (when do I
ever). To be honest though, at this point its better than staying at
home and doing absolutely nothing.

Talk more later.. Peaces!
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