Monday, March 23, 2009

Light Skin

Since I was younger I've always wished I was darker. Going to mostly
black schools definately did not make me feel more self assured as it
was probably meant to do, in fact the opposite happened.

I was constantly teased about my fair skin and black features. I'd get
questions like:

Are you albino? (Although clearly my hair was dark brown and I wasn't
that light)

Are you even black?

Why is your hair so nappy and your so light?

Oh my gosh and don't get me started on the stares. I could feel the eyes
burning into my face questioning my nationality. I've always identified
with my black community more then I have with the caucasion side of me
since I do not know that part well. My mom herself is a mutt, so im
second generation.

There were times when I wished I had clear cut features of a clear cut
race, but I don't.

I was rejected from both sides of my identity, because to both, I
represented "the other side". Makin friends was no joy and my self
esteem was in the negatives.

I always laugh when I hear people say that light skin people think they
are better than people with darker skin. In actuallity, I wished I was
them. But I definately wasn't gonna share that with the person throwin

I kinda jus been workin through bein proud of who I am. I'm a
lightskinned sistah with nappy roots and lovin it. Don't get me wrong,
im the first person outside when a bit of sun comes out, but im learnin
to love me one step at a time.

Jus somethin I thought I'd share....

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