Thursday, March 19, 2009


Sometimes I feel like I go through a new heartbreak everyday...

Quote of the day given to me : i love you but you hurt me more than u make me happy and its been like that for too long my exasperation my frustration anger hurt and pain outweigh
how i feel about you a lotof times its not

What do you do when the person you once loved told u this? Do you fight back
tears that threaten ur entire being? I'm at work.. with held back tears that
I could possibly make anyone feel this way. How loud do you scream that that isnt
you anymore. That you're different....

What do you do?

I can understand how she has felt, and I dont want to feel that way towards
her, but thats whats happning to me as well.... God, thats how I'm starting
to feel towards her.....

I need to leave her before I hate her, before there's no chance of me ever
wanting to see her face again. I dont want to, but what choice do I

In just those few words ALL my hopes of us one day just being has shattered
into a million pieces.. I wasnt even given a chance.......

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