Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Sims 3 Obsession

I am SOOO excited about the Sims 3. In like 1 month and 2 days I will be taking off work and playing The Sims 3!!!

I am so addicted to the game its not even funny..

I really wish that Seasons was still in the game, but now that I think about it, Seasons wa pretty intense on my poor Sims. They were getting burnt after being outside for only 5 minutes, and freezing to death after 10 minutes. I doubt they'd make it long in a seamless neighborhood.

I am thinking about reinstalling the Sims 2. I had uninstalled it out of anticipation for THe Sims 3 before it got delayed, back in like September. lol

I already know what the first thing I'm going to do is.

1. As my Sims 3 is installing, I will be drooling over the Prima Guide.

2. I will go to Create a Sim and browse through all the new features and clothes for every gender and age group

3. See how great this new seamless neighborhood is lol, so excited

4. I will go to build a house mode and browse through all the new/old furniture and drool over that

5. Look through the new build mode tools

6. Go back to Create a Sim and actually build the most detailed sim I can with the traits of Clumsy, Book Worm, Creative and Klepto. I'd probably make a family of 5.

.. Sorry for those who dont know about The Sims... I really ahd to get this outta mysystem. The date is getting SO CLOSE!! I cant imagine how Imma feel the week before it comes out. Those dys are going to by SOOO SLOOOOWWW

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sexy with a bit of Skepticism

So... J is picking me up after work today.
She invited me to go to a ballet with her... She knows I dont want to be
friends, so I kinda wonder why this invitation has been handed to me.
A friend of mine said it seems to be just a nice gesture, and they are probably correct.
But a nice gesture for what? I over analyze everything because I'm a skeptical,
curious person with an overactive imagination. So to prevent from thinking the wrong thing I need to know the precise reason for things.

Either way, I'm dressed to kill today. I will post a pic ASAP if i get a chance.
We are not together, and probably wont ever get back together but the FEMALE in me
cant help but to show off what J is missing.. Hee Hee...

This guy that I say a courteous Good Morning too everyday asked me if he can ride me home on his motorcycle one day lmao!!!

I even stopped traffic a COUPLE OF TIMES.

Hopefully all goes well tonight, and any skepticism that i do have will be solved tonight :-)

But if shes trying to turn this into some kind of friendship thing, I will let her know tonight
thats a NO NO.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Sims 3

The Sims 3 is coming out soon, and I have no one to share the new info and excitement with. I'm thinking about playing The Sims 2 again as well. But again I have noone to share the excitement wth. The few people that did know about the Sims is barely aware of the fact that there will be a Sims 3.

Ugh.... Break ups are a bitch.

Nia came over, and she wasnt catching the hint that I wanted her to leave. She came over with her son and I had to get him dressed and start putting on his coat just so she can get the hint to do the same. By the time she left it was about midnight.

Maybe "like" was too much of a strong word for her. I enjoy her conversation when I'm bored. Yeah, thats about right.... lol

I left my cellphone home again.... I guess thats kinda good, I am starting to feel that longing....

Ugh.... Breakups are a bitch.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Those extra heart beats

There are very few girls that make my heart soar, and when I meet one,
im tempted to do things I never feel the NEED to do with anyone else.
Yes, I am a womanizer. I can admit that, everything I do seems almost as
if im in love but trust me, im not. I love most women, and can almost
find beauty in any woman whether it be physically or mentally. But my
heart only skips an extra beat for a few.

Sometimes I feel slightly guilty because I know im just going the
motions with a particular female. Other times I feel like a guy just
wanting to get into the pants.

When I see whomever she may be, I wonder what it is that I want. Why am
I after them, what is drawing me? Sometimes im scared to know because I
really hate feeling guilty.

Its funny that I speak like this and only a few months ago I was bawling
about the girl who I thought was The One. Not even a few months ago, was
it like 3 weeks ago?

So, today, Nia (fake name), messaged me to tell say that her fiancee
broke up with her. I was having a brief affair with Nia not too long
ago.. In January actually. I wanted her, don't know why, but I found her
attractive. She is muy ghetto, has a kid, and is BI. Everything I do not
like, but I like her. Even her son makes me smile.

Anyway, tonight she is coming by to hang with me since I moved to her
area (unknowingly). Im not tryin to get into anything , I really jus
wanna console her cuz I kno what its like to lose someone you thought
you were going to spend forever with.

Damn I need a shower!!!

P.s Lady S and I shared our 1st goodbye kiss yesterday. She won twice in
Air Hockey, and she watched me look dumb on Dance Revolution. We had
loads of fun. She held my hand lot and took initiative in cuddling with
me and holding me. It was nice.

K gotta get ready for Nia.

P.p.s one of my friends has been gettin triple the ass that im gettin
which is 0 for me lol and I can't understand how...
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Friday, April 10, 2009

Bitch Assistant

Today was Good Friday, and although it was Good indeed, I swear I'm getting so sick of Bitch assistant. Bitch assistant is the personal assistant of the main boss. The same boss that I make oatmeal every freakin morning. Very degrading indeed..

So apparently big boss is leaving for a vacation to Paris for a week. Coincidentally after coming back from her 2 week vacation (which was suppose to be only 1, but she claimed to be in the hospital), bitch assistant says she is going to Chicago to work from her best friends office.

Wow, but her facebook says "I'm so happy, I'm going to Chicago to celebrate my bestfriends birthday"

I'm like damn bitch, its one thing to not come into the office while the boss is away, but your leaving the fuckin state too?!!! You really dont give a shit....

So guess who is stuck doing her work? ME. ANd its not like I can say no, because she has the power to fire me. THe big boss has no clue of this rendezvous...

I've been getting evil thoughts on ways to get her fired. HEe Hee...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Healing and Learning

Dear Bloggy,

Today I realized for the first time that HEARTBREAK happens to everyone.
Its very rare that someone ends up with their first love. But everyone eventually
feels the pain of heartbreak. In a weird maybe sadistic way, it makes me feel better
because besides the psycho's, everyone gets better, everyone moves on.

I'm such a cool ass person, and not to sound cocky, but I know I'll find love again.
Dont get me wrong, my heart still races when I recieve an i/m (hoping it wud be her), and
I do read her emails almost 4x.

But I need to be loved the way my body, heart and soul asks for it. I shouldn't deny
myself real love for anyone elses satisfaction. When the right person comes along
and loves me just as I am, hopefully I know. Til then...........

I appreciate the experience of Love and I will miss it....

- Gina


Feeling sad, frustrated, upset, trying really hard to feel peace.

I can cry righ tnowbut I wont.

Why cant i be surprised with a happy ending?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

That's why they are called Exes

Although I've been feeling a bit better, my mind is like the energizer
bunny. I think of many reasons why being friends with your beloved ex
wouldn't work (especially in my case).

1. They are exes for a reason.

2. Communication was the biggest issue.

3. Lame excuses why things can't be done with me but is obviously done
with someone else. Ex: texting, saying hello, hanging out, visiting

4. Others knowing every aspect of our relationship. That's so annoying!

Those were the biggest things that bothered me. After all of that, I
can't even trust a friendship. I don't want that. Can't anyone tell by
my lack of friends that I intentionally don't care to make new ones.

Im not feeling anything negative right now, mostly just venting.

Sometimes I wish my life was like the movies, you know, when the good
guy learns a life lesson and realizes he needs the love of his life. So
he swallows his pride and surprises her with a romantic gesture.

This is reality though, when the good guy never swallows his pride and
instead chooses to live with regret for the next years to come.

I had swallowed my pride but was coldly bitch slapped for my attempts.
But, im happy I tried and I guess that's all that matters. I won't live
with regret, because I tried.

I wish things could've been different just as every ex does, but its
not. Its funny because my ex believes that I don't want to be her friend
because I want the benefits of being in a relationship without being in
one, she couldn't be farther from the truth. Yeah I wouldn't mind being
intimate but that's not what matters. How do you explain this to someone
who doesn't listen to you or is even around when you speak?

I guess that's why they are called ex's.
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Monday, April 6, 2009

A New Studio

SoO.... I am looking for a new apartment... Gotta love those landlords.
My landlord wanted my dishes done everday, garbage taken out, place completely spotless
and all my furniture stuffed in my room. I'm like


But instead I gave her a few choice words and let her know that I'll be living out my security and gone by May 1st.

Now I gotta scramble looking for an apartment.. and what luck! As if the Real Estate God was looking down on me, my mothers recieves a call from an old friend who just happens to be looking for a new tenant. It's a studio, but

1. Its slightly cheaper,

2. Closer to my job

... and the big one...... I CAN HAVE PETS.

I'm hoping this move will distract me from what I've been feeling today.
I move in on April 15th.

I cant seem to stay in one place for long and this move is like a new haircut to me. A way to feel good, start new and beautify.

I'll post pictures if I can remember.
Oh yeah and tomorrow is my first day of Jury Duty..... (My job is not happy about that)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

She's gone because I left.
I realized that if J can stay strong to her convictions than why can't
I? That's an easy one, they aren't strong enough and my desires rule

I can't go through this constant agony of love.
So I had to say goodbye.

Dear J,

I love you and I hope we meet again.
Even though we couldn't be friends or lovers.
I will always remember you as my first love and soulmate.

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