Friday, April 24, 2009

Sexy with a bit of Skepticism

So... J is picking me up after work today.
She invited me to go to a ballet with her... She knows I dont want to be
friends, so I kinda wonder why this invitation has been handed to me.
A friend of mine said it seems to be just a nice gesture, and they are probably correct.
But a nice gesture for what? I over analyze everything because I'm a skeptical,
curious person with an overactive imagination. So to prevent from thinking the wrong thing I need to know the precise reason for things.

Either way, I'm dressed to kill today. I will post a pic ASAP if i get a chance.
We are not together, and probably wont ever get back together but the FEMALE in me
cant help but to show off what J is missing.. Hee Hee...

This guy that I say a courteous Good Morning too everyday asked me if he can ride me home on his motorcycle one day lmao!!!

I even stopped traffic a COUPLE OF TIMES.

Hopefully all goes well tonight, and any skepticism that i do have will be solved tonight :-)

But if shes trying to turn this into some kind of friendship thing, I will let her know tonight
thats a NO NO.

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