Wednesday, April 8, 2009

That's why they are called Exes

Although I've been feeling a bit better, my mind is like the energizer
bunny. I think of many reasons why being friends with your beloved ex
wouldn't work (especially in my case).

1. They are exes for a reason.

2. Communication was the biggest issue.

3. Lame excuses why things can't be done with me but is obviously done
with someone else. Ex: texting, saying hello, hanging out, visiting

4. Others knowing every aspect of our relationship. That's so annoying!

Those were the biggest things that bothered me. After all of that, I
can't even trust a friendship. I don't want that. Can't anyone tell by
my lack of friends that I intentionally don't care to make new ones.

Im not feeling anything negative right now, mostly just venting.

Sometimes I wish my life was like the movies, you know, when the good
guy learns a life lesson and realizes he needs the love of his life. So
he swallows his pride and surprises her with a romantic gesture.

This is reality though, when the good guy never swallows his pride and
instead chooses to live with regret for the next years to come.

I had swallowed my pride but was coldly bitch slapped for my attempts.
But, im happy I tried and I guess that's all that matters. I won't live
with regret, because I tried.

I wish things could've been different just as every ex does, but its
not. Its funny because my ex believes that I don't want to be her friend
because I want the benefits of being in a relationship without being in
one, she couldn't be farther from the truth. Yeah I wouldn't mind being
intimate but that's not what matters. How do you explain this to someone
who doesn't listen to you or is even around when you speak?

I guess that's why they are called ex's.
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