Thursday, April 9, 2009

Healing and Learning

Dear Bloggy,

Today I realized for the first time that HEARTBREAK happens to everyone.
Its very rare that someone ends up with their first love. But everyone eventually
feels the pain of heartbreak. In a weird maybe sadistic way, it makes me feel better
because besides the psycho's, everyone gets better, everyone moves on.

I'm such a cool ass person, and not to sound cocky, but I know I'll find love again.
Dont get me wrong, my heart still races when I recieve an i/m (hoping it wud be her), and
I do read her emails almost 4x.

But I need to be loved the way my body, heart and soul asks for it. I shouldn't deny
myself real love for anyone elses satisfaction. When the right person comes along
and loves me just as I am, hopefully I know. Til then...........

I appreciate the experience of Love and I will miss it....

- Gina

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