Monday, April 20, 2009

Those extra heart beats

There are very few girls that make my heart soar, and when I meet one,
im tempted to do things I never feel the NEED to do with anyone else.
Yes, I am a womanizer. I can admit that, everything I do seems almost as
if im in love but trust me, im not. I love most women, and can almost
find beauty in any woman whether it be physically or mentally. But my
heart only skips an extra beat for a few.

Sometimes I feel slightly guilty because I know im just going the
motions with a particular female. Other times I feel like a guy just
wanting to get into the pants.

When I see whomever she may be, I wonder what it is that I want. Why am
I after them, what is drawing me? Sometimes im scared to know because I
really hate feeling guilty.

Its funny that I speak like this and only a few months ago I was bawling
about the girl who I thought was The One. Not even a few months ago, was
it like 3 weeks ago?

So, today, Nia (fake name), messaged me to tell say that her fiancee
broke up with her. I was having a brief affair with Nia not too long
ago.. In January actually. I wanted her, don't know why, but I found her
attractive. She is muy ghetto, has a kid, and is BI. Everything I do not
like, but I like her. Even her son makes me smile.

Anyway, tonight she is coming by to hang with me since I moved to her
area (unknowingly). Im not tryin to get into anything , I really jus
wanna console her cuz I kno what its like to lose someone you thought
you were going to spend forever with.

Damn I need a shower!!!

P.s Lady S and I shared our 1st goodbye kiss yesterday. She won twice in
Air Hockey, and she watched me look dumb on Dance Revolution. We had
loads of fun. She held my hand lot and took initiative in cuddling with
me and holding me. It was nice.

K gotta get ready for Nia.

P.p.s one of my friends has been gettin triple the ass that im gettin
which is 0 for me lol and I can't understand how...
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