Monday, March 2, 2009

Cool New Kinda Chick and Seemingly Good Friend

I'm @ work, and I'm reading my Rachel Morgan series. Its so confusing because all this Harry Potter language that the author is using is confusing the shits outta me. I dislike when authors explain what they are talking about later in the books, because then Ihave to read it over with this new understanding.... I'm so impatient lol.

Anyway, I've been talking to this cool kinda chica named Shara. She's really nice and even knows sign language. The thing is, when I'm around people for too long I start to get irritated. Dont ask me why. I had hung out with her all day, and she is really nice, but I still got cranky, is it just me or am I like schizo or some shit.

She made me some really good beef chunks because I got the munchies at like 1.30am after drinking most of the night. I was very appreciative. I am definately trying to get out and meet more people and not cut myself off because I'm so antisocial. This is after my retreat though.. I want to come out new and fresh.

I just dont want anyone to get the wrong idea about my being outgoing and take that as an invitation to a newfound relationship. I just want to have friends and let everything else come naturally. but i really just want friends first. I think building that strong bond is important first.

I'm trying not to revert back to my old ways of thinking and be openminded towards her and be a good friend. I appreciate the fact that I just met her and there's no held grudges or pressure to be with her (for all those UHAUL lesbians, lol) . Just enjoying hanging out, and its a relief and a breath of fresh air. I do have regular friends but some of them make me feel like they want more.

I felt like I havent relaxed in ages, even she said I'm all tense and need to jus loosen up. Anyway, we are suppose to hang out and do random shit. She wants to go PaintBallin, I do too, but not with her :-( ...... I want to go roller skating or bowling.


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