Thursday, March 12, 2009

Looking at the Skyy

So Shara is gone.... Having fun one day and then it got boring the next. She's now lost in the abyss with the L Word characters, Tim, Lara and the rest of those nobodies...

i will miss her cooking though :'-(


There's this girl or should I say WOMAN, that I've met on a previous occassion about 2 months ago, but didnt really get the time to know being that we were at a poetry event. Im going to call her S... I think S is a very attractive woman and I had really wish I had to get to know her, but anywho.... Apparently, she had asked my bestfriend about me the other night.. specifically she asked her my name after she described me. Coincidentally I asked my betfriend about her too, low and behold we see each other again at the same place..

Of course my bestfriend gives me the scoop, guess what i found out... She is the ex gf of my bestfriends current "gf"... DAMN YOU SMALL LESBIAN COMMUNITY!!!!

This information of course makes me hesitate but, the world didnt stop rotating when it found out the sun didnt revolve around it, so why should I.

Anyway, I really dig this chick cuz she seems to be very smart, attractive and woohoo older. She's got her own place and THANK GOODNESS not living in the closet.

I'm not trying to get horribly serious with this, just kick it. I only really wanna move passed my ex because I still feel like im exerting more energy in caring about her lovingly, than she does about me. Of course not intentionally but time heals all wounds if you stop cutting them open.

I'm definately ready to meet someone who is on "my level". BUT I AM IN NO RUSH TO FALL IN LOVE.

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