Friday, March 6, 2009

Omg a So Far Good Friday

I'm feeling pretty damn great today.

It's Friday, all of my bosses God Awful Newspapers have come in, so I dont have to sweat at my small desk wondering how I'm going to find the missing ones.

I look great and even woke up before my alarm clock.

And the greatest thing about today is ... drum roll...


Thats right... no going straight home for me this weekend. I admit, they are with my ex, but we are really cool

(as cool as just departed exes can be :-\)

Tonight I'm taking her to this poetry spot for Lesbians of Color called Rivers of Honey. And I will be surprising her with a poem that I have dutilly memorized in an attempt to reenact my own version of Love Jones :-)

Gosh I'm so smooth.. I'm even wearing all back with my locs hangin down and black eye liner on..

Yes, this is an attempt to WORK IT... lol

Although I am sittin here starvin to death because I unfortuantely would rather get a few extra minutes of sleep than sustenance, I am in a very good mood praying to goodness gracious that I dont fuck up reading this poem tonight.

Wish me Luck!!

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