Friday, May 1, 2009

The Rapper Chick

Last night, I recieved a random text from this girl who I met at Rivers of Honey , my favorite lesbian poetry spot. Let me give you a brief throwback of this girl who I will call "rapper chick".

I met her back in I believe November or December, cant really remember. She was doing a rap performance which ended up being VERY good. You can tell she was really serios about being promoted and all that other good stuff, I believe she even has a manager. Anyway, she reminded me alot of J , (sad but true), it was one of the main reasons I asked her for her number.

So I text her sparatically but she would never tell me anything about herself. Obviously she was gay or she wouldnt be at Rivers of honye, but she wouldnt tell me her name, age or anything. Finally I got fed up of this Mystery Woman thing she was putting on, so I deleted her number after onlye a mere 3 days of stupid text.

Now, its May 1st. She texts me, and asks me to come to a dinnr party that she is having. I was surprised because I didnt expect to hear from her again, and still dont understand why she is texting me. I asked if it was a Promotional thing, and she said no, a movie (Cooley High) and dinner. I told her I'd think about it and to text me the info later when the time was near.

This is suppose to be happening on Wednesday, but we will see.....

I'll go just to get out of the house, and to see her face again (I forgot what she looks like a little, I remember she had a sexy smile), but I mostly wanna see if she really was as attratcive as I thought or was I blinded by the reminder of my X.

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