Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Randomness again WITH PICTURES lol

Ok, so quick post... I am dressed to kill... as usual lol...

Sometimes I wish I was a HOT ASSASSIN. (WoW, really random)

Anyway.. I did my locs very nice. I love doin my hair. My locs mean so much to me.

I wish I had the patience to take care of them better.

So here's a pic :

Its just a stylish funky way of doing flat twist with my locs.

Oh, and my cats are SOO adorable. Bad as fuck though. Bedrock had a cold. Oh yeah there names are Bedrock and Ariel. Bedrock had a cold but is better now. I thought all his meowing was because he was sick, but no he's just annoying. He talks so much and I indulge him... :-(

Anyway, now that he's better and is so bad. He attacks my feet. He always wants to wrestle and be thrown. ITs sooo hilarious.. He's soo energetic. Although sometimes his playfulness is annoying because its a 24/7 thing. In the middle of the night I wake up to him in my face meowing about something thats probably not important. If i respond back, it would end up being an all night conversation.

Ariel on the other hand is classy. She's alil sick right now though because she caught Bedrocks cold. But over all she likes to lounge in comfortable spots and watch you. She loves bein brushed. I love her too. She is such a laadddyyyyy....

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