Monday, May 11, 2009

'09 The Year of Fucked Upness

Is it just me or is '09 just a simply fucked up year?

The list of shit that has happened so far.

1. The end of a nearly 3yr relationship

2. Meltdown because of number 1.

3. My landlord going through my apt. thus forcing me to find a new place

4. My job shows its true colors of EVIL

5. Extreme job cuts through the United States forcing me to stay at EVIL job

6. Depression and loneliness is trying to kick my butt

Over all its been a pretty hard year, but I'm trying to stay tough and
face the strong winds and storm. I'm so used to having a partner that would
be my reprieve and give me the strength to continue.... People come and go
though, that's life.

I'm sitting here at work trying my best not to cry... and the only person that I
have to vent to is the MAIL GUY.

I strongly am considering (when I have the money) to drop off the face
of the Earth. Change my number, email, and just GO. I dont know where,
but I'm tired of being around the people and things that bring me stress,
physically, mentally and emotionally.... I know there will be stresses in the world,
I'm not so naive, but at least the stresses that I've chosen to keep around me, I can
let go of.

Easier said then done since I still love a few of those things, but hopefully TIME will be an ally.

Hmm... I wonder if things will always be so difficult...

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