Thursday, May 21, 2009

Feeling so Good!!

Feeling so Good!

Came back from hiking feeling sore and refreshed. I was grateful to be home and see my stinky cats. I was happy to feel a warm shower. Unfortunately my injuries and soreness lead me to 3 days of minimal movement, in which my cats turned my house upside down in a matter of minutes. They were hanging from the ceiling and breaking my plates. Goodness, they are so bad!

Anyway, I've been working on tensions and stress.. Slowly I'vve been letting go, and have been more positive. I realize that when I feel down, sitting and sulking or watching tele isnt going to lift my spirits as high as I need them to be. I need to do things that maske me feel powerful.

So here's some small ideas :

IHOP - oh yes, eating your pain is fine if you're not over weight

PAINTING - Dali incarnate

Scary Movies - Watchin other people's misery does make me a happier person! LOL

Okay thats all i can think of for now.. so what, short list

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