Friday, December 5, 2008

T.G.I.F & U.F.I's Oh My


I barely need a day in of rest, which makes me kind of glad to be hosue sitting for my grandmother. My mothers hosue is soo noisy I never feel like I get a complete nights worth of rest. I hope today wont seem slow. My bestfriend Tai wants to go out to some lesbian get together after work. I kinda do and dont want to go. I wont want to go because I'm lazy and tired and dont feel like waiting in the ood part of Queens for a bus, and I do wanna go because I know I need to get out the house, desperately. I know after a hard break up staying in the house and eating Kool-Aid sugar is not the best or healthiest thing to do, but sometimes you have to indulge.

Anyway, there is this woman that works next door me, I wont say any names. But she is soo funny and I find her so cute. everyone next door looks like a model, but she looks more like the short cute model, the little sister they took in or something even though she is an adult lol. Anyway, I want to know if she's gay or open minded and its hard because I only see her in passing. And when we do talk, I manage to say stupid shit like

ex: "I would rather get an infection then go downstairs to use the bathroom".

That is not something you say to someone you're interested in the 2nd time you talk to them!!! I wanted to slap myself so hard. Now every time she looks at me she's going to think I'm the girl who voluntarilly gets Urinary Tract Infections.

Anywhoo..... Will blog more later, time to look on Craigslist for more Loft Shares.

Peace Out

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