Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Growing Up

Okay, so its been awhile... I know

I just want to clear up a few things that has happened

1. I no longer like the girl at work because she is an extreme annoying flirt. Found this out via myspace. Cute, nice smile, but so no where my type (personality wise)

2. Jay (the ex) is taking more of a stand in my life since we broke up. And so is an old highschool friend (R) and an old JHS associate (F)

(F) is really cool, different and weird in a good way. She luckily understands that I'm not trying to jump into a relationship or bed with the next person who shows interest.

(R) knows I'm not trying to even go in that direction, lets not mention the fact that she has a kid, a fiancee, and a baby father. I know I'm a lesbian and we attract drama, but there is a time and place when you should just say no and enjoy what there is to have. She's really cool too though and is a Cancer like me. Our personalities mesh really well, but our situations dont. lol

(Jay) has been surprising. I mean, I am no longer dying inside like I was before. I guess I did kind of healed a little. I dont want to even think about her being with another girl though. I mean we were together for 3yrs! The longest relationship I've ever had! But I guess time will fix things, no matter in what way. She has been great though considering the bumpiness and break up we went through. Hmm....

3. I'm so not into moving into a relationship anytime soon. I mean, I want love, but who doesnt. Yet, I'm in no rush to find out that so and so may not be ready to take it so serious because they are young or anything around those lines.

4. I GOT A NEW APARTMENT!!!! I gave myself til Dec 15, and thats the day I moved in. I know some people thought it impossible because I had set this goal on December 3. But dammit, I gets what I wants and I wants what I gets!

My mom has been taking me shopping and giving me her stuff to survive on. I went 200$ worth of food shopping and my refrigerator lok like it only had 5 things in it. I was like WTF Where did all the food go?! I guess thats how it goes.

I cant wait til our Christmas Break to spend time at my new house. I'm not looking forward to a roomie though anymore. Its a shared apartment and she has't moved in yet (they actually havent picked a person yet (the owners)) Hopefully she is cool and 420 friendly, cuz ever since I came back from Florida, I have been appreciating the natural herbs. Not often though, I'm far from a Weedhead and never plan to be. But I am definately not prejudice for the ones who appreciate a smoke here and there.

Anyway I am at my Devil Wears Prada Job. Will blog back if i can :-P

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