Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Names and more Names

I'm having a lesbian moment and need to bubble out all these favorite things of mine:

Favorite couples:

Bette and Tina (The L Word)

Michelle Rodriguez and Kristanna Loken

Carmen and Shane (The L Word)

Lucy & Rachel (Imagine Me and You)

Some Movies:


Imagine Me and You

Show me love - Not widely known but a very good movie

Lost and Delirious


When night is falling


But I'm a Cheerleader

Hmm... thats all i can think of....

Here's some women I dream about


Lena Headey

Piper Perabo

Jennifer Beals

Sarah Shahi

Rose Rollins

Kirsten Stewart

Michelle rodriguez

Kirstanna Loken

Natalie Portman

LolZzz I think thats about it.....

I'm bubbling over right now.
And I've even been feeling the mommy blues

I like the name Atreyu like the Neverending Story for a boy

Junvier- French pronounciation of Guiniviere

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