Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Morning Craigslist Rant

So for the first time ever, I posted a Singles ad on Craigslist. I even added a picture of myself, which was pretty freakin scary considering the huge or shud I say small lesbian network here in New York. But before I did that, i took a quick peek at the other listings, hoping to see what's out there in the word of CL. To my disgust and simple agony, I was ashamed to see just a bunch of fat skanky ass, and dried up looking breast. I barely saw anyones face unless they were licking their own tit. The women in The Feminist Movement are probably doing back flips in their graves right now. But I digress....

Out of every 20 ads, only one would ask for simply friendship and whatever else came after. Unfortunately most of those had no pics, and I've been fooled by a few men whose names are supposingly Karen and Kim.

So, finally, I just said fuck it, and became a craigslist statistic. Being a nonconformist, I wore clothes in my pic. So, I got a few responses and responded back to everyone. I'm not picky, choosy and I dont discriminate. You may find your bestfriend out there ya know. But i must admit, someone did peek my interest a bit *wink*

Oh and further news.....
Last night, I went to get tested, especially since it was Aids Awareness Day, which i missed. Sitting in the waiting room to find out my result is the most nerve wrenching thing I've practically ever been through, and I've been through quite a few things. Of course the results were negative for HIV/Aids, but it defiantely made me realize, just because I dont have HIV/AIDS does not mean its not my problem also. I want to do more to help if I can.

The whole time I was sitting there, I was thinking, OMG if I am positive, I'm totally gonna off myself . And I definately wanna live, so I can go hiking, and backpacking and travel. There needs to be more done!

Okay, will blog more later out of boredom.

Peace & Love

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