Sunday, December 7, 2008

Apartment visits in Brooklyn

I just came back from seeing 4 places. The first loft I went to smelled
like crack and Ravioli. I don't know what crack smells like, but that
place was a good start to figuring it out. It looked like a whole bunch
of homeless people cut out big pieces of cardboard and called it a room.
I was quite disgusted.

The 2nd loft wasn't bad, it had a musical artsy feel. The rooms also
were cardboard cut outs but more habitable. It wasn't soo bad and I
cudve dealt with it jus fine.

The 3rd loft reminded me of the Myans and their Pueblos. I think it was
the Myans, do correct me if I'm wrong. It was a cut out space with loft
bed room.

The 4th place was an apartment share, and I thought it was gonna be a
hell no rite away, but I ended up loving it! I mean, don't get me wrong,
the outside did look like Hurricane Katrina passed through. I was
hesitant 2 even go inside. Actually it reminded me of the movie Vampire
in Brooklyn with Eddie Murphy. He lived in some cracked up hood, and
buildin but his place looked like a manhattan suite.

Anyway, today, over 5 men tried to talk to me in a matter of 2hrs. It
was soo annoyin but it was a comfort that they didn't scream "Yo ma!".
Maybe men are starting to learn that courtesy os the best attention
getter, or maybe it was just too damn cold outside to stop and get a
number. I vote for the latter. LoL.. Damn 2morro is monday. Booo

I hope I get chosen for the place cuz my credit is shit.

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