Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Guess an Introduction is Appropriate

SoO.. Where to start, I guess the beginning is always good.

I am 20yrs old, a "neohippie" as I've been frequently called, (since when does tree hugging and not littering make you a hippie, lol) oh and did I forget to mention I'm a big old lezzie. Yes, I looove the ladies! Unfortunately, I love them a little too much and have put out a lot of energy to stop myself from flirting.

Anyway, this is my 2nd blog; the last one was full of alot of sadness and bipolarness that resulted from alot of misunderstandings in a past relationship.

Either way, I will keep this blog happy, realistic and audience approved. LMaO, who am I bullshitting!

Currently, I am at work, which will probably be my hotspot since I dont get any privacy at home. I am looking for a new apartment here in Brooklyn,NY.

There is actually a really cute place i saw, it was soo hmmm... me.

Yes, I know theres is a bath tub randomly in the room, but imagine, sitting in the tub, watching Spongebob, and eating ice cream... Still not appealing, ok how about this, imagine that hot girl sitting in the tub, watching Spongebob and eating ice cream, while your watching her from your bed. She doesnt even have to walk far to start doing the dirty things your mind had imagined.

Whatever..... Anyway, to continue with my admiration of this cutesy room... It has a cool, free spirited theme and possibility going on. I refuse to use the word hippie although it does best decribe the place. I cant help but to imagine all the possible weed and club light gatherings I'd like to have, especially since there is a skylight above that I can open up. .. **Dazed**

But for now...... I gotta first see if I like the place, this is just a craigslist pic. We already know how fucked up people can be on Craigslist, especially those so called Missionaries in Africa who just happened to have the key to a nice cheap ass place located in the middle of Soho. They are getting more clever by the way people. BeWaRe....

Hate those sons of bitches...

The first time I got one of those I was like "What the fuck?!" and I actually thought about it for a hot moment, and was like NAaaahhh... Boy O Boy can I be a naive asS. I can admit that..

Its 4'oclock and only two hours left..... Time sure does fly.....kinda


Lauren said...

Look at all the pretty lesbians who follow my blog! Yay for me!


Anyway, looking forward to reading about your lesbian life...

[P.S. I love the apartment. It's very boho.]

Anonymous said...

Lol. Very cute Apartment. Yes i am looking forward to being one of the hippies to chill there. And spongebob is very appealing, but i also like author,lol.