Friday, February 20, 2009

February 20th sucks!

Today absolutely sucks!

I think my job completely hates Fridays and will try their best to make it as shitty as possible.

As much as I look forward to Fridays, at the same time I wonder what shit Imma have to go through today in order to get to my fuckin weekend. I SWEAR I DO NOT OVER EXAGGERATE. EVERY FUCKIN FRIDAY.

So, I was asked by the bosses assistant to put some business cards in alphabetical order, little did I know that there was at least 300 cards in that bitch, easily could've been more. So that heated me up, but I was like you know what, I have nothing to do Fuck It. Finally three days later I get done, and she comes up to me and says

"Oh, you gotta do these over."

I'm like "Why"

She says "Because these business cards are suppose to be in alphabetical order by last name not comapany."

Me: "Are you kidding me...."

She says : "Sorry you gotta do them over."

I am soo upset, I'm not touching those fuckin cards til I calm down because I will burn them..


So I just had my 3 month evaluation, which was a joke.

I asked her why she didnt tell me to do that way, and she was like I like them that way, and thats how it should be done.
That didnt even answer my question, but ok... I am so tired of her mood swings, and I refuse to deal with them or be friendly with her anymore. I think she is Uber phony.. lol Uber.

She said how I rolled my eyes and gave her an attitude about the cards thing. I'm like yeah I was annoyed. And I was told to apologize by my other boss, so I did and she was like Well I'm not apologizing.

I'm like Wow ok... Its high school all over again but worst cause I cant ignore anyone, I need this job to pay my rent. Woosah.......

this is how i feel :

They want me to be more enthusiastic about the work they give me...

I've never seen a picture with a slave smiling while doing their work.
I make this man oatmeal, alphabetize a whole bunch of bullshit business cards, run to his house which is on 150th st. from Canal st. (think of canal as 1st st or -5st) to get his fucking Debit card that he left at home while its freezing outside, and I'm suppose to be smiling. That's not even in my fuckin job description. They ask me if I still wanna be here bcause I dont go a step further with my work, should I spoon feed the motherfucker too?!

I dont understand why jobs like this exist....

Corporations and cooperate people just DO NOT MIX with me.. its as simple as that, and I will do this shit for as long as I need to.

Oh and to add insult to injury The Sims 3 was suppose to come out today and it is being delayed to June 2nd. I think the only solace I have is Kim Harrisons book coming out in 4 days. Hopefully it wont be on a Friday by some horrible calendar tragedy.

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