Monday, February 16, 2009

3 L's or 4 for Let Go

How far do you let the 3 L's take you?

  • Love
  • Lust
  • Like

I think I've gone out of my way for the 3 L's just a little too much. And knowing this, still hasnt change the fact that I still do it til this very day. Gosh it bothers me soo much how out of my way I will go.

Sometimes I wanna say "Fuck it" and forget about the whole thing. I mean when it comes down to it, who really gives a fuck at he end of the day whether I went that extra mile, or mentioned to "you" how you make me feel. Only me.

I am so exhausted of feeling like I'm the only one willing to go more then a mile, but a plane trip away for the ONE sweet person. Maybe I'm my one sweet person.

AM I just being selfish? I know that everyone has their life, future and past to deal with. But it always seems like people are just Dealing instead of just living.

Everyone in my life is Dealing, except my mother, and maybe thats why I have been gravitating towards her recently. A breath of fresh air from someone who has life problems but doesnt let it make up what their life is about. I like that alot. I hope never to end up Dealing with life.

I vow to get out more and meet some new people.

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