Friday, January 30, 2009

Single and Loving it....

Where to begin.....

So I've been taking a HUGE break from love and such...
I think my heart deserves to mend itself,
and for the first time in a long time,
I enjoy being single.
I talk to people here and there, but
nothing serious at the moment. Although I am being openminded....
My greatest love right now is myself though :-)
It should always be like that, and i hope to maintain it.
My Mommy Blues has gone down significantly compared to the last couple
of weeks. As a matter f fact I havent thought of it at all until last night.

I had a dream that I had a son, and I didnt even know I was pregnant.
I dont know my sons name, but there was alot of Daddy Not Cooperating Drama.
I guess I've been watching to much Maury.

But anywho, I always said I didnt
mind what I'd get, son or daughter, but i'd prefer a daughter.
So I see i have this son, and in an instant, I love this little boy with all my heart.
I am proud to have a son and wouldn't change it for the world. He called me Mommy
and when I called for him, He came to me right away. My friend told him to go to his mommy,
and he crawled over to me and I loved holding him close to me.
It was a WoW, This is not the right time kinda dream.

I'm trying to ignore those kinda things or feelings because that' something I'm not ready for.
One day, just not one day too soon.

Anyway, to more trivial things....
I went on a "shopping spree" at Macy's... I spent like 150$ and only bought a few things
but i did buy two sexy dresses which i plan to wear tonight for this dinner I am having.

My sister i going to be cooking. She's only 15 but she can throw down. I am only assisting, i'm the non cooking one in the family. I use The Feminist Movement as an excuse, hee hee....

Anyway, with the economy going awry, I'm hoping that I can still do Corrections in March. So I've been smoking my brains out like no other before March. I even learned how to roll a blunt. Well I rolled my first one recently all by myself with no instruction and it was pretty good.
Maybe I wanted it real bad, or i'm a natural.. LoL

Anyway, I'm at work, and I cant wait til its over already! TGIF

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Anonymous said...

No matter what has happened whatever comes my way, all the ways i'm changing, You have been the person the prescence the rock, lover,best friend, confidant,fiancee, girlfriend,whatever we are now that i have been trying desperately to hold on to. The simple pieces havent changed.

I Love You