Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pulled to the Wire

Once again, its been awhile since my last post and there's so much I want to bitch about at the moment.

1. My Job - I cannot stand for the life of me, working for someone else. I hate having a boss, and I hate assistant bosses that think they are the boss. You cant tell them off when they are too fucking lazy to do their own job and you canttell them off when they make you do the job. KNow why? Cuz then its ur ass getting fired for being the lazy shit.

I am trying so hard to come up with ideas on how to become an Entrepeneur. It is taking time but I know eventually I will do it. I have no money and frankly, I'm running out of ideas that can keep me afloat while pursuing the life of an entrepreneur.

2. My Apartment - My landlord is trying to find me a roomie, so Ive had to keep the place clean so she can show it to whomever. It sucks becase I have no say in who is going to get that other room. God forbid she tortures animals or bashes gays.

3. The Annoying CoWorker - This guy on my job for some reason thinks he's the most adorable thing since the Plush Teddy Bear. Maybe 40 years ago he was, but when ur just a fat annoying guy that delivers mail and doent understand what Shut The fuck Up means, ur not cute or adorable anymor, so stop saying you are!!

To be honest, I'm mostly just stressed, very much. I really want to work for myself. But it seems so hard to get started when you have bills to pay. The thing that sucks is that I am young enough, I am not in debt and I'm very willing. Ive been thinking when I have saved up enough I may give up my apartment or some thing. I dont know. Al my bestfriend since spermhood wants me to move in with her. Her and I get a hosue together in Florida, but I am just not sure. That sounds nice but I have no idea how I will get established. I have a dream and dont know if that can be pursued out there. Plus, I'm kinda scared to get a house with Al. Sometimes she makes me nervous. I have a patterned history of my bestfriends falling for me that are straight, then they freak out and leave me alone. I love Al to death, but I dont want that to happen between her and I.

********Roll the Eyes**********

I'm so tired of being stressed. Sometimes I feel like I'm being pulled to the wire cuz I'm not doing what I feel I'm meant to do. I was born i the wrong century. I was better off when people were still roaming the wild and migrating from place to place.

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